Meet Bot M.D.
— Your A.I.
Clinical Assistant

Providing doctors a smarter,
simpler way to search.

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Why you’ll love Bot M.D.

Search faster

Search Faster

Instantaneous responses
to your clinical questions.

Go Paperless

Go Paperless

Dictate your patient notes and
transcribe them instantly.
50+ languages supported.



Share photos and patient notes
freely. Messages are
encrypted and secure.

Smarty Pants

Smarty Pants

Bot M.D. knows drugs, diseases, clinical reference values, guidelines and even medical calculators.

Search. Faster than before

Search. Faster than Before

Bot M.D. responds with lightning speed. Ask Bot for information on drugs, diseases, clinical reference values, guidelines and even medical calculators.

I used Bot M.D. to find information about drugs and doses during my night duty. Fast and Clear. Thank you!

Dr. Giang Tran, Vietnam

If you’re being swamped by 5 patients at the same time in a private hospital ER or 50 patients in a public hospital … Bot M.D. is gonna be a hell of a lot useful.

Dr. J Fritz, Philippines

Bot M.D. is really incredible. You usually need to have more than 3 apps to get the same information.

Dr. I. Alba, South Africa

The transcription function is the greatest idea. Here in my center, because it’s too rural, I don’t even have computers. And after a 24 hour shift, transcribing is not easy. Bot M.D. represents a great release in my workload.

Dr. C. Gomez, Venezuela

Bot M.D. really helps! It is literally a life-saver!

Dr. J. Tengkawan, Indonesia

Goodbye to Manual Notes

Bot M.D. is your new medical typist. Dictate your patient case notes and Bot M.D. will transcribe them automatically. Support for 50+ languages.

Goodbye to Manual Notes

He’s always on Call.
Even in Group Chats

We know that patient care happens in teams. That’s why we designed Bot M.D. to be able to respond just as quickly in group chats with your medical colleagues.

Goodbye to Manual Notes

Great sense of humor

Bot M.D. has an even better sense of humor than your medical colleague. Ask Bot to tell you a joke or show you funny gifs. Bot is the doctor BFF that you always wanted to have.

Bot M.D. and the Phone Flashlight are the only pieces of tech that actually help most doctors in their clinical life.

Dr. Raj, USA