Fight COVID‑19
with Bot MD

Fight COVID‑19
with Bot MD 🦠😷

Empowering frontline medical workers around the world with free, instant access to evidence-based clinical information on COVID-19.

How you can help 💌

COVID-19 x Bot MD has been made possible with the help of volunteer doctors from Singapore, Indonesia, Colombia, Venezuela and the Philippines.

We are seeking funding & content partnerships and volunteers to help us with medical translations.

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Help us fight COVID-19 from the frontlines

Bot MD provides instant answers to frontline medical staff in their native language using evidence-based guidelines from volunteer doctors.

Learn how to identify symptoms, conduct swab testing, locate the nearest testing facility, protect from unecessary exposure and more.

Empowering pharmacists in the Philippines

By powering the PPhA Pharmacy Information Facebook page,
Bot MD is providing 40,000+ pharmacists with instant answers to local COVID-19 guidelines, national formulary drug monographs, antibiotic guidelines and more.

COVID-19 protocols at your fingertips

With Bot MD, you never have to waste time digging through your hospital’s 30-page powerpoint slides and emails to find the latest update.

Instantly search your hospital’s latest COVID-19 guidelines, call roster schedules and operational directives.

Available 24/7.
On any platform.

Bot MD can be embedded into any existing website, mobile application or even used to power messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and more.